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Seattle Seahawks: Entering the Playoff Push

Seattle Seahawks Facebook Page

Here we are already entering week 11 of the NFL season, and the Seattle Seahawks hold a 9 – 1 record, meeting their expectations. As it stands right now, only the Kansas City Chiefs (9 – 0) have a better record, but let’s be real: the Chiefs have had it easy. The Chiefs will get their chance to show what ... Read More »

BC Lions Sent Whimpering Off the Field


The BC Lions were in the position this weekend to upset the Saskatchewan Roughriders and prove my prediction wrong.  However, they didn’t and it’s hard to understand how it all unfolded.  The offence was under the control of starter Travis Lulay, the defense was tenacious and limiting, the special teams was solid and the offensive line held up their end ... Read More »

A Great day to be a 12th Man!

(Seattle Seahawks Facebook Page)

There was a lot of uncertainty going into this week, but most Seattle Seahawks’ fans were confident in the fact that Seattle would take care of business in Atlanta against the Falcons. However, many of us did question if the dominant form of the Seahawks would show up, or if it would be the version that we have seen for ... Read More »

CFL Playoff Preview: Lions vs Roughriders


  The BC Lions head into Regina this weekend to face the Saskatchewan Roughriders for the right to play in the CFL Western Conference Final against the Calgary Stampeders.  The general feel around the Lions camp is that they can win this game and that the whole is better than its parts needs to be the mentality.  If they play ... Read More »

Seattle Seahawks Defense Being Gashed by the Run

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Facebook Page

The Seattle Seahawks’ defense is outstanding, but it is no secret that they have been getting gashed by the run for the last couple of weeks. Yes, the Seahawks have been successful at stopping the run against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Indianapolis Colts, Tennessee Titans, and Arizona Cardinals, but that is all in the past and the recent trend is reason ... Read More »

Seahawks and the Five Stages of (Near) Loss and Grief

Seattle Seahawks Facebook Page

I am not saying that the Seattle Seahawks caused any heart attacks or anything like that, but I can definitely tell you that stress levels rose to the heights that can only be matched from a playoff game. I guess that is the price you have to pay when you are playing for the number one seed and are down ... Read More »

Mike Glennon is Ripe to be Ravaged by Seattle

Sherman and Browner (@Seahawks)

Mike Glennon, the rookie quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, has done an average job behind center for a team that is going nowhere quickly. Glennon, who replaced the temperamental and woeful Josh Freeman, has played in four games and thrown for six touchdowns and three interceptions. Glennon’s 78.0 quarterback rating isn’t the worst statistic coming out of a Tampa ... Read More »

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